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Car Inspection Battle Ground

Car Inspection Professionals for Battle Ground

car inspection battle ground

When you bring your vehicle into Battle Ground Quik Lube for preventative auto maintenance and inspection, you can rest assured that you won’t be leaving with any unidentified vehicle issues that need additional repairs. For more than 35 years, we’ve offered comprehensive auto repair services by maintaining an experienced and professional team of technicians. By holding ourselves to the highest standard of detail in the area, we’ve become known as the premier car service professionals throughout our time in Battle Ground. We know we’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely with our expert know-how and our extensive arsenal of equipment and parts.

Our vehicle inspections cover the full gamut of ensuring your vehicle is safe, reliable, and conforms to all of Washington’s safety and emission standards.

Preventative Maintenance That Keeps You on The Road and Out of The Shop

When you’re noticing indiscernible issues with your vehicle, visit our auto repair shop, and we’ll root out the problem. We fix smaller mechanical issues before they become bigger ones, all while offering the best service at the best price point. Our ASE-certified technicians trained to spot and diagnose potential problem areas and offer you the best possible solutions before carrying out any work.

We regularly provide automotive services for a wide range of vehicles, including foreign, domestic, diesel, and hybrid cars. We also maintain a large inventory of parts and supplies to ensure we can have your preventative repairs turned around quickly and efficiently without having to make any orders for materials.

Whether we find your vehicle needs major work like engine repairs or smaller, regular vehicle maintenance like tire rotation and brake services, our AAA-approved facility offers all the amenities to fully repair your vehicle and restore it to its optimum performance.

Comprehensive Oil Changes and Maintenance Checks

In addition to car inspections, another preventative measure Battle Ground Quik Lube offers is a 14-point inspection with every oil change. When it’s time to change your oil, this presents an excellent opportunity for preventative inspections that we can take care of quickly. Our fast and reliable service will enhance the performance of your car while improving its longevity.

Some of the benefits of visiting us for a comprehensive oil change include:

Coolant Testing – Coolant can potentially degrade over time. Once it becomes too acidic, it can cause corrosion that damages your radiator, water pump, and hoses. It’s essential to have a professional who knows how to test your vehicle’s coolant and see if it needs changing. Our technicians will examine your coolant, ensure it’s not exhibiting any of these signs of imbalance, and replace the coolant if needed.

Fuel System Cleaning – Improve your acceleration and eliminate rough idling with a fuel system cleaning from our technicians. We’ll thoroughly clean out deposits in your fuel system that are causing any blockages.

Engine Flush ServiceEngine flushes are another great way our skilled technicians can break down sludge or carbon deposits from old oil. This service becomes necessary when your engine oil hasn’t been changed regularly enough.

Light Replacement – Don’t get pulled over when you lose a tail light or a headlight. We’re happy to quickly and cleanly swap out any busted or shorted lights on your vehicle with the proper size and model light from our auto shop inventory.

Transmission Fluid Change – Transmission fluid is essential to cool and lubricate your transmission system. We’ll exchange this fluid for cleaning your transmission and clearing out any harmful contaminants.

Car Inspection Near Me Battle Ground

Serpentine belt replacement – Serpentine belts run every engine-driven accessory under the hood of your car, from your water pump to your alternator. It’s crucial to have your belt periodically checked by professionals like our knowledgeable technicians who know when it’s time for a preemptive replacement.

Other services included with your Battle Ground Quik Lube oil change:

  • Power steering flush
  • Differential Services
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Wiper blade replacement

Trusted Car Inspections from Professionals

We know our 35 years of experience as an automotive shop in the Battle Ground area will allow us to meet your needs intuitively. Our passionate auto technicians will quickly and reliably determine the best solution to any of your car’s problems while walking you through the vehicle maintenance and repair process. We know you’ll be happy with your quick, efficient, and affordable car inspection at Battle Ground Quik Lube. Call us today to book your inspection!