Conventional Oil Changes
Service Time: 15-45 minconventional-oil-changes
Oil is the lifeline of your vehicle. We perform conventional oil changes and oil filter changes to the manufacturer’s specifications. Refreshed oil and a new filter keep your engine running smooth and keeps your vehicle’s warranty.

Synthetic Oil Change
Service Time: 15-45 minsynthetic-oil-change
Synthetic oil contains non-conventional, high-performance fluids that help keep it from breaking down. Synthetic oil has several advantages, including helping your vehicle save fuel.

Fuel Filter Replacement
Service Time: 10-45 min.fuel-filter-replacement
Clean fuel is extremely important for your vehicle’s engine performance. Our technicians recommend fuel filter replacement according to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Power Steering Flush
Service Time: 20-45 min.power-steering-flush
Your car’s power steering system operates as a control system for your wheels. Power steering fluid is used to lubricate the system and keep it free of any contamination. Our technicians will flush the system as recommended by the owner’s manual, once a year, or every 30,000 miles.

Differential Service
Service Time: ~10 minutes per differentialadditional-services-dif
Differentials are sets of gears that allow wheels to spin at their own speeds and independently powered by the engine through the car’s drivetrain. Most manufacturers recommend the fluid is changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Air Filters
Service Time: 10-20 min.air-filters
Engine Air Filters- These filters trap airborne contaminants like dirt and dust to keep them from getting into the engine’s moving parts. This filter should be changed once it is no longer translucent. Mileage recommendations from 15k – 25k to 25k – 30k.
Cabin Air Filters- This filter helps to remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles that you could breathe inside the vehicle. This filter should be replaced every 12 months, 15,000 to 25,000.

Serpentine Belt Replacement
Service Time: 30-60 min.serpentine-belt-replacement
A serpentine belt is a continuous loop belt that works its way through and around the engine to drive power to crucial engine parts such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor. Our technicians thoroughly inspect this belt and will advise you to replace it or not.

Transmission Flush
Service Time 30-45 min.transmission-flush
Transmission fluid is used to cool, lubricate and provide smooth shifting of the transmission. Over time that fluid breaks down and can cause problems for the internal components in your transmission which can lead to costly repairs. A Transmission flush is the most cost and time efficient way to exchange all the Transmission fluid in your vehicle by hooking up a flush machine in series with your transmission cooler lines providing new clean fluid.

Battery Replacement
Service Time: 20-45 min.battery-replacement
Batteries supply your car’s starter and other electrical components of the vehicle needed to start the engine. Batteries generally last about 4 years.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Service Time: 10-20 min.diesel-exhaust-fluid
Diesel exhaust fluid is a mix of high purity synthetic urea and purified water. It’s used in Selective Catalytic Reduction systems on diesel engines. Normally, you will see a warning for low fluid levels and should refill it.

Coolant Flush
Service time 25-45 min.coolant-flush
Coolant in an engine is used to keep the engine at a certain temperature, generally between 180F to 210 degrees F. In order to regulate this temperature coolant has a mixture of additives that keep the boiling point and freezing point of the fluid high in order to protect the engine from serious damage. Over time these additives break down reducing the protection of the coolant. We offer a full Coolant Exchange service to replace all of the old coolant by connecting a flush machine in series with your cooling system hoses.

Fuel System Cleaning
Service Time: 20-45 min.fuel-cleaning-system
The fuel system provides power to your vehicle’s engine. After 5,000 miles of driving, dirt and other contaminants can form deposits in the fuel system, intake valves and in the combustion chamber. Vehicles can lose fuel efficiency after just 30,000 miles due to carbon buildup. Our technicians can thoroughly clean these deposits out of the fuel system.

Engine Flush Service
Service Time: 10-15 min.engine-flush-service
An engine flush is a chemical additive that is specifically designed to clean out deposits, sludge, and other gunk from your engine, as well as keep your engine’s parts clean.

Light Replacements
Service Time: 5-45 min.light-replacement
Light bulbs in the vehicle, like turn signals, are extremely crucial for safety on the road. We can replace lights to keep you visible on the road.

Wiper Blade Replacement
Service Time: 5-10 min.wiper-blade-replacement
The rubber blade of your wipers can wear down from sunlight, oxidization, and ozone. If your blades are in need of replacement, our technicians can replace them quickly.

Headlight Restoration
Service Time: 30-60 min.headlight-restoration
Over time headlight lenses fog up because of multiple factors. Scratches in the lenses and oxidization from the plastic can reduce the efficiency of the headlights themselves. With the growing complexity of the headlamp housings there is consequently a much higher cost to replacing the housing making a headlamp restoration a much more cost effective option to restore the lenses and increase headlight efficiency.

Transfer Case Service
Service Time: 20-45 min.transfer-case-service
The transfer case is a gearbox in your car or truck that divides the power between the front and rear axles on 4-wheel-drive vehicles. This service is based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.